How to Install Test DPC on Android 2018 (Beginners Guide)

Android is famous mobile operating platform with millions of active users in the world. There are many developers in the world they are working with the android and creating applications for it.

Android reach to people have created a buzz in the developer circle and Android has created a platform for the developers to collaborate with them and innovate application that is usable for a user.

Although there are many application and tools available to help in application development there are only new application and tools that are available to help in test and monitor the developed application on the devices in real-time.

One such application is Test DPC. Test DPC app is useful for a wide range of users such as App developer, IT person in the corporate and device owner.

Test DPC allows the user to control and monitor the application and device level resources in the system. For example, it can be used an IT staff in the corporate office in order to control the specific use of office devices and prevent other users from performing other offers operations.

With Test DPC you can monitor the devices based the resources that are used by the other application and the software level resources in the application.

Here is the detailed guide to it.

  • You need to download and install the application on the device to begin the process.
  • Download Test DPC.
  • Click on the Test DPC application link to download the app to the device.
  • Once the application is downloaded into the device.
  • You can click on it and install Test DPC on the device.
  • After installing the APK on the device, you can configure it and make the application for custom monitoring.

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