How To Run Test DPC on Mac/OS X using Nox App Player?

Test DPC is policy management application which you can use along with  Android for work. Test DPC helps users to formulate the policies on the kind of resources and application which is installed on the device.

Test DPC can be used to monitor the devices and application for which the Test DPC. You will feature to set specific rules for the application installed on the device. Like which application can use data storage and which application can make calls and texts.

Here is a simple guide to Installing Test DPC on Mac :

By default, it’s  not possible to install the android application on the Mac system. Hence you would need an emulator to run the Android application on the system and run the required android application on the top of the emulator.  There is the much available application for the emulator and here we would use Nox Player.

There are two versions of Nox Player installer.

Online Installer: You need active internet connection every time in order to run the application.

Offline Installer: It’s little large sized file which has all the required things for running the Android application on the Mac.

Click on this link Nox Player .You can download the official installer from this site.

After installing the Nox Player. You would need an active Gmail account to sign to the Nox Player as it needs to connect with Google services like Play Store and other things which are required for the Android system.

Once you connect with the Nox Player. You need to download the Test DPC application to the system.

  • Kindly navigate to the download page.
  • You need to download the Test DPC APK from the download link on that page.
  • Now, you need to find the location of the download file in the Finder.
  • If the Nox player not running, please start the application.
  • To begin the installation, drag and drop the APK into the Nox player and the process will be complete.

That’s it and you can view the installed Test DPC in the Nox player and use it.

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