How to Uninstall Test DPC on Android

Test DPC is device policy maker application on the Android that allows you to formulate the policies on the usage and resource management on the device. But after having an application used there will need to uninstall the application and then reformulate the application to give the ability use all the resources in the device and application without any restrictions.

So there is a detailed guide on removing the Test DPC application completely from the device.

Method 1: From App Drawer

1) Unlock your device and on the home screen, you will have the icon the App Drawe icon.
2) The app drawer consists of all the application installed on the device.
3. Mostly all the application will be sorted in the alphabetical order, so go to letter “T”.
4.Once you find the Test DPC application. Hold the icon for 2-3 seconds.
5. Once you hold the icon for the duration of 2-3 seconds. The icon will be floating and “x” will appear in the icon corner.
6. This option will vary on the devices, as some devices will have a “Trash Can icon ” and few will have a “minus rounded corner” icon.
7. Once you click this icon it will prompt the confirmation of uninstalling the application in the pop-up and you need to hit confirm to uninstall the application.
8. For a proper working of the device, without any issues, you can reboot the android device and your device is now completely ready.

Method 2: From Setting Menu

1. Find the setting icon the app drawer icon.
2. Navigate to Setting and scroll down the list to find the application or Apps or App Manager menu.
3. Click on the menu and you will be displayed with all the available application on the device.
4. Now find the Test DPC device in the list and click on it.
5. You will have options to either Force Stop the application or Uninstall the application on the device.
6. Click on the Uninstall button and now the application will be removed from the device.


All done and you have completely cleared Test DPC from the device.

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