How to Update Test DPC on Android?

Android platform is widely used by many people in all form devices ranging from smartphones, Televisions, watches and cars and much more. It’s mainly due to the versatility of the system and its ability to adapt to the form of devices which it’s formed for. This makes the user to easily join the ecosystem and connect all their devices to it.

This makes much application to be created for the Android ecosystem, there is an application for literally anything in the Android platform ranging from entertainment, productivity, and the other things.

Android of work is the platform that enables the user to have a separate space between the personal and business profile on the devices. Every day we are using the Android devices for both personal like catching up with friends and then managing our bank account, making online transactions and then for the official professional activities like slack channels, official email and much more. These things are made possible by Android for work which makes the things stand out of each other when you take out devices for the defined usages.

Test DPC is one such application which helps user enables these my formulating the device policies on a device and the application that is used on the device.

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